We provide a range of height safety solutions, tailored to meet your unique requirements.
Guardrail in Marine Environment

Access Ladders

Access ladders provide safe and easy access to rooftops, raised platforms, ceiling spaces and elevated areas.

We manufacture and install a wide variety of fixed access ladders to facilitate safe and easy access to rooftops, raised platforms, ceiling spaces and elevated areas that require frequent access.

Our access ladders can be fitted with safety cages, lockable lids, top and bottom platforms, vertical fall arrest systems, security lids or gates for restricted access.

Guardrail in Marine Environment

Guard Rail

Guardrail provides permanent and controlled access.

Your best line of defence against falling over an edge is a permanent, physical barrier. Our guardrail systems provide convenient protection against fall edges, and are often installed in conjunction with walkways and staircases to provide a complete roof access system.  

Guardrail in Marine Environment

Roof Access Hatches

Roof access hatches provide a simple and safe roof access solution.

Roof access hatches provide simple, safe and compliant roof access system via an internal rung or step ladder. We can design and install a roof access hatch that will suit nearly any roof surface, almost any roof pitch and will withstand Australia’s harsh and varied climatic conditions.

We recommend handrail/guardrails is installed around the perimeter of the roof access hatch to offer fall protection. Self closing gates for added safety and grab rails for ease of use can also be installed as a part of your access hatch system.

Guardrail in Marine Environment

Roof Access Walkways

Roof access walkways provide convenient access and protection for your roof.

Walkways and guardrail offer the highest level of safety when working at heights, and are preferred by state workplace safety authorities over most other types of fall prevention, such as static lines and roof anchor points.

Roof access walkways provide safe, designated access routes for employees, contractors and maintenance personnel in potentially unsafe or commonly used routes.

We expertly design our roof access walkways taking into account expected loadings to provide adequate strength spanning roof structures. When installing we minimise the number of fixings and penetrations to your roof helping to avoid future problems with roof integrity.

Guardrail in Marine Environment

Roof Anchor Points

Roof anchor points provide access near unprotected edges.

We specialise in the design and installation of customised roof anchor point safety systems. Anchor points, used in conjunction with safety harnesses grant increased access by allowing contractors to complete tasks such as window cleaning and rooftop equipment servicing without the prohibitive restriction of movement.

Roof anchor points and harnesses are often implemented as a "last line of defence" in the event of a fall, therefore it's critical to use an experienced installer. At Specialised Access Solutions, we thoroughly test and certify all our roof anchor points so you can rest assured that your system is safe and compliant.

Guardrail in Marine Environment

Stairs and Access Platforms

Stairs and access platforms offer convenient, safe access for frequently used areas.

Stairs are a suitable choice for regularly accessed areas, plant decks, lift cores or practically any raised area. Access and egress is made faster, easier and safer.

The ability for service personnel to carry tools and equipment between levels means repairs, regular maintenance and inspections are made easier, faster and with a reduced risk of injury to personnel saving you valuable time and money.

Specialised Access Solutions provide custom made stair and platform system available in various widths, tread profiles and made to suit practically any situation.

Guardrail in Marine Environment

Static Lines

Static Lines provide easy, unimpeded access to fall edges.

Static lines provide easy unimpeded access to fall edges for maintenance, cleaning or construction works. Personnel stay connected and safe at all times moving freely throughout the range of the static line system.

Our professionally installed static lines are a fantastic stand alone solution for working near fall edges or are installed alongside anchor points and handrail to provide a full rooftop safety system.

Guardrail in Marine Environment

Step Ladders and Cross Overs

Step ladders and cross overs provide access across obstructions and areas of varying heights.

We fabricate our step ladders with 100mm flat tread and tubular handrail for easier and safer access. They are a great solution for accessing any raised area, platform or roof.

Our step over bridges combine two step type ladders, an interconnecting platform and handrail system to make navigated over pipes, ducting or other obstructions easier, faster and safer - saving your maintenance staff time and saving you money.



Our clients include Building & Facilities Managers, Body Corporate Managers, and Builders, located across Greater Melbourne and regional Victoria.
We design and install safe roof access systems, on time and within budget.


SAYFA Accredited Installers
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