Roof Access Walkways

Roof access walkways provide convenient access and protection for your roof.

Walkways and guardrail offer the highest level of safety when working at heights, and are preferred by state workplace safety authorities over most other types of fall prevention, such as static lines and roof anchor points.

Roof access walkways provide safe, designated access routes for employees, contractors and maintenance personnel in potentially unsafe or commonly used routes.

We expertly design our roof access walkways taking into account expected loadings to provide adequate strength spanning roof structures. When installing we minimise the number of fixings and penetrations to your roof helping to avoid future problems with roof integrity.

Roof Access Walkway Systems
Our Roof Access Walkways:
Roof Access Walkways Common Applications
  • Safe access to rooftop plant such as air conditioning equipment.
  • Gutter cleaning access and fall protection
  • Sloping Roofs - walkways will be levelled on roofs sloping more than 7 degrees.

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As experienced height safety specialists, we can help you navigate the complex landscape of height safety compliance. We provide a complete service, from the initial assessment, to design, fabrication, installation and certification - we can ensure that your building and equipment is compliant.



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