Stairs and Access Platforms

Stairs and access platforms offer convenient, safe access for frequently used areas.

Stairs are a suitable choice for regularly accessed areas, plant decks, lift cores or practically any raised area. Access and egress is made faster, easier and safer.

The ability for service personnel to carry tools and equipment between levels means repairs, regular maintenance and inspections are made easier, faster and with a reduced risk of injury to personnel saving you valuable time and money.

Specialised Access Solutions provide custom made stair and platform system available in various widths, tread profiles and made to suit practically any situation.

Stairs and Access Platforms | Design, Installation, Certification.

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As experienced height safety specialists, we can help you navigate the complex landscape of height safety compliance. We provide a complete service, from the initial assessment, to design, fabrication, installation and certification - we can ensure that your building and equipment is compliant.



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