Guard Rail

Guardrail provides permanent and controlled access.

Your best line of defence against falling over an edge is a permanent, physical barrier. Our guardrail systems provide convenient protection against fall edges, and are often installed in conjunction with walkways and staircases to provide a complete roof access system.  

Common Applications for Guardrail

  • On roofs with steep inclines, slippery surfaces or trip hazards.
  • To prevent access to potentially dangerous areas of a roof (where the integrity has been compromised), or off limits areas.
  • To provide easy access to plant and equipment, reducing the need to for harness.

Talk to an expert

As experienced height safety specialists, we can help you navigate the complex landscape of height safety compliance. We provide a complete service, from the initial assessment, to design, fabrication, installation and certification - we can ensure that your building and equipment is compliant.



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